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Benefits. For Good.

Always several moves ahead.

We'll help you plan your moves and create a custom game plan tailored for your employees.

  • We’ll make recommendations to help you enhance your plan offerings while remaining competitive and reducing overall plan costs.
  • We understand business. For over 80 years we have specialized in serving the unique needs of Employer Groups and Business Owners. Profit from what we have learned over three quarters of a century.
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"SFP Benefits helped us develop and implement a strategy that allows us to comply with the Affordable Care Act efficiently without breaking the bank."

We do the research so that you can be prepared for any new moves on the board.

  • ​It takes constant dedication to keep up with the newest health care reform regulations. We have the resources to keep you informed of the latest changes to ensure you are prepared.
  • Stay in compliance with our easy-to-read Legislative Briefs and guides. Also, share resources and information with a community of knowledgeable professionals like you from all over the country through your personalized Client Portal site.
"A comprehensive communication strategy that included one-to-one employee meetings and custom written materials greatly increased our employees' understanding and appreciation of our benefits package."

We provide support for your HR team. Don’t have a team? We'll be that team.

We will help you tackle your mounting employee communication concerns with benefit announcements, employee newsletters, and health and wellness resources. Additionally, we will keep you in the know with several monthly and quarterly newsletters.

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"They actually took the time to understand our business, our industry and our employees."

All Inclusive Mobile App: Provide Employees with Wellness & Benefit Information at Their Fingertips

Looking for a way to streamline employee on-boarding and benefits administration?

Employee Onboarding and Benefits Administration is paperless, secure, cloud-based, and comprehensive app that helps your people understand and appreciate your benefits package.

Let your employees make smarter financial decisions on thier benefits and health with the platform that will give them a user-friendly and elegantly simple benefits experience right at thier fingertips.

Employees love the familiar online shopping approach (like Amazon) and the mobile app that puts their benefits and wellness information at their helm year round, not just during open enrollment.

Employers love administration that is a piece of cake for HR and that it takes care of ACA reporting requirements.

Its a win-win for both.

See what it's all about!

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"It is amazing that one solution accomplished so much to help our business; employees better understand and appreciate our benefit package. Our HR staff has a single source for all employee information, benefit elections, etc."

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