Much of an HR and Benefit Professional’s time is taken up with continually helping Employees understand their Benefit Options. We help you save time and create greater Employee Understanding and Appreciation by developing custom content and communication strategies that fit your workforce, workplace and corporate culture.

One-to-One Benefit Counseling

What if each you could spend 30 minutes each year in a one-to-one Benefits Counseling Session with each of your employees helping them to understand their Benefit Options and helping them to make decisions for each plan year?

Impossible? No.

SFP Benefits has developed a system that can be successfully implemented at employers of any size that will assist employees in a high-touch, one-to-one experience using the latest technology.

Custom Materials

We work with you to develop a communication strategy that fits your workforce, your workplace and your corporate culture. We have successfully worked with clients to create and distribute custom print materials, web-based enrollment solutions and even custom video production – costs can be subsidized by SFP Benefits on a case-by-case basis with certain parameters of client engagement.

Comprehensive Online Benefit Enrollment System with EDI

No matter where you are in the transition from paper enrollment to online enrollment, we can help you with a multi-year, tiered strategy to get there.

Through our affiliation with Selerix Systems, we are able to offer clients BenSelect, a comprehensive online solution for benefits administration that can be customized to your needs. Both core and voluntary benefits can be enrolled through this platform.

The BenSelect package includes web software, data integration, and maintenance that will simplify your enrollment.

Set-up accommodates client-specific business rules related to plan eligibility, coverage and cost and account/benefit-level coding are not dependent on system level actions.

Benefit Counselor-assisted, call center and co-browsing communication models are supported.


The cost for this system can be subsidized by SFP Benefits on a case-by-case basis with certain parameters of Client engagement.