For over 80 years, we have provided excellence in Financial Services to our clients. By recognizing that the financial market is always changing and evolving, we have grown and expanded our services to meet and exceed expectations.

What you should expect from a Financial Services Firm and what you can count on from us...


We will practice our craft with utmost integrity in accordance with our client’s stated goals and objectives and will operate in the best interest of our clients. Always, no exceptions.


We understand Business. For over 80 years we have specialized in serving the unique needs of Employer Groups and Business Owners. Profit from what we have learned over three quarters of a century.


We will always provide advice with the utmost care and concern for each individual client. We follow strict privacy procedures and always uphold the rights of our clients.


A boutique Financial Services Firm with deep local roots in the communities that we serve, we are large enough to bring powerful scale yet small enough to be attentive in delivering custom strategies and solutions to our clients. 


We are constantly learning. It is our mission to remain recognized, industry-leading experts with respect to the financial products and services and concepts that serve our clients goals and objectives. We will educate and inform our clients and serve as a trusted advisor who will empower them to make informed financial decisions.


In today’s rapidly changing financial, tax and legal environment, it has become increasingly difficult – impossible, really – for any single Advisor to be “all things” to a Client. For that reason, SFP Benefits has assembled a team of recognized, industry-leading experts. Behind your SFP Benefits Advisor stands a team of professionals who are expert in their respective field of Financial Services. We are 100+ Financial Advisors strong with offices in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida and Louisiana


Through our alliance partnerships, SFP Benefits delivers truly global resources and solutions to our clients.